Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club - The irresistible and affectionate scenery

The Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club is situated about 40 kilometers southwest of the capital on the Van Son Lake (Chuong My, Hanoi). Although the distance is not far, with a view of the mountain lake, arriving at Sky Lake, you feel as though you've entered a peaceful, quiet space entirely different from the capital's busy center.

Sky Lake is unique in that it preserves the area's existing landscapes and cleverly incorporates them into the design. The majestic Van Son lake, tall green trees, and mountains and waterfalls are all still there, blending with the sky and cloud colors like an ink wash painting. Golfers can relax and shed the weight of busy life by soaking up the charm of this affectionate landscape.

The Sky Lake Golf Course consists of a total of 36 holes divided into 2 separate courses: the Lake Course and the Sky Course. The 7625-yard Lake Course has a serpentine topography that wraps around a lake and nearby mountains. The biggest challenge of this course is avoiding water hazards. Additionally, bunkers are purposefully placed from the tees to the greens to raise the level of difficulty. Golfers will need long and precise drives because there are so many uphill par-4 holes while the fairways are long and narrow. Be careful not to let the ball run off the fairway or green.

As for the Sky Course, it was created by Mr. Ahn Moon Hwan, a well-known Korean architect. The Sky course is sophisticatedly designed with holes of elevation changes and is covered by natural forests, creating a seamless and consistent look for the course that appeals to players of all skill levels, professional or amateur. A special attraction not to be missed on the course is the 15th hole, named "Dien Bien Phu". The hole simulates the intimidating terrain and difficulty of the heroic historic victory of Dien Bien Phu. This is the signature hole with a novel experience that awakens the desire to conquer in every golfer.

It can be said that the challenging experience and the serene landscape of Sky Lake are an invitation that is hard to resist for any golfer. Recently, Sky Lake Golf Resort once again received the award for Best Golf Course in Vietnam. This further demonstrates that Sky Lake is a place worth conquering.