Must-play Golf Courses in Hanoi for 2022 Updating

Hanoi will be a perfect destination for all golfers searching for an opportunity to have a world-class golfing experience in Vietnam. Hanoi golf courses can withstand rigorous evaluation from domestic and international experts, and they consistently rank first on the list of best Vietnam golf courses recognized by the golf community. Let's follow VGS Travel and take a look at the 5 best golf courses in the North region—the ideal stopover for your golf vacation!

1. Long Bien golf course

Located right in the Hanoi area, only 10 km from the city center, the Long Bien golf course is a stopover that golfers traveling to Hanoi cannot ignore. This is the first and only golf course in the Northern region with 27 holes following PGA standards, designed by Nelson & Haworth Golf Course Architects Company, one of the world's leading professional golf course design companies. In general, the moderately sloping terrain and undulating slopes of the Long Bien golf course can facilitate a wider level of difficulty for the golf experience. A big bonus of the Long Bien golf course is the international standard lighting system for night games. Along with the international-standard golf experience, Long Bien Club can offer 5-star services right in the city center for golfers, businessmen, and tourists.

2. Heron Lake Golf Course

Situated less than 40km from the center of Hanoi, Heron Lake Golf Course is an 18-hole Hanoi golf course that satisfies 5-star standards, ensuring all requirements from international architecture. All grass on the course is 100% imported from Australia, with cold and moisture-resistant properties, and is professionally used for green and fairway areas to ensure a great landscape and the best experience for golfers. This feature has made Heron Lake stand out compared to many other golf courses in the North region. With its high-class quality, the Heron Lake Golf Course has been chosen as the venue for outstanding golf events such as the 31st Sea Games (2022) or the 22019 Southeast Asian Golf Amateur Team Championship. Positioned underneath Ngoc Thanh Mountain and next to the romantic Dai Lai Lake, this location embraces a delightful harmony of natural scenery and artificial architecture, thus creating scenery that is hard to witness elsewhere. Furthermore, golfers can experience the unprecedented feeling of catching sight of herons and firs during the swing. Heron Lake Golf Course has now become a popular entertainment spot among golfers.

In addition, the golf course also won titles such as:
2013: Best Par 4s Hole
2015: Most Challenging Par-4 Hole  (Hole 14)

3. Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club

Just less than half an hour away from Hanoi, golfers will reach the Sky Lake golf course,  - of the top 10 best golf courses in Vietnam today. You will notice right away when coming to Sky Lake that it has a completely different feel than the downtown capital — peaceful without any noise. The rows of green trees and the poetic landscape of Van Son lake, mixed with clouds and the sky, create a charming picture. This visual treat is perfect for relaxing flights on Sky Lake Golf Club. In terms of design, the Sky Lake golf course consists of 36 holes with many elevation changes, surrounded by a series of lakes and mountains. The main challenge here is the water hazard. In particular, the signature of Sky Lake is Hole 15’s design inspired by the resounding historical event of Vietnam—the great "Victory of Dien Bien Phu." With a landscape that simulates the intimidation and difficulty of the "A1" hill as part of the historic victory of the nation, Sky Lake brings a great challenge that awakens the desire to conquer from every golfer.

4. FLC Ha Long Golf Course

Golfers visiting Hanoi absolutely cannot miss FLC Ha Long Golf Course, which was named one of the world's top 3 best golf course designs voted by Golf Inc., a renowned American golf publication. The 18 impressive golf holes at FLC Golf Ha Long, which is about a 3-hour drive from the capital's center, were created by the gifted architect Schmidt. The layout of the golf course is situated on top of the hill, offering players stunning backdrops of both mountains and the sea. It will be unmatched that you play some holes overlooking the modern city along with undulating mountains on one side, and on the other side, other holes embracing the breathtaking seascape of Halong Bay - a UNESCO Heritage Site. When it comes to playing, golfers need to be highly focused and hit accurate shots due to the varied slopes, wide fairways, and surrounding bunkers. Thanks to its international standards, FLC Golf Ha Long Golf Course serves as the setting for numerous professional golf competitions. Major competitions, including the Hanoi Notary Golf Challenge in 2017, the KLF Golf Tournament in 2017, the FLC Biscom Golf Tournament in 2018, and most recently, the FLC Vietnam Masters and the Overseas Vietnamese World Golf Championship in 2019, have been held here.

5. Thanh Lanh Golf Course

Though still a relative newcomer in the Vietnamese golf scene, Thanh Lanh Golf Course quickly captured the interest of numerous golfers. When you arrive at the golf course, the layout of the clubhouse, the nearby resorts, and the surrounding natural landscape create the impression of being in a miniature version of ancient Europe. This is a detached area with a serene atmosphere and cool air, so it is easy to score points in the eyes of golfers. Thanh Lanh golf course is tucked away in the lush Thanh Lanh valley and surrounded by the poetic Tam Dao hills. It has a distinctive 18-hole layout that follows the natural mountainous terrain thanks to the brilliant design work of the well-known Nick Faldo, providing a technically demanding golf experience. The fairway's steep, uneven slopes and bunkers that mimic the shape of the mountains will make for some challenging shots. The quality of the course is also improved by the use of Zoysia grass, which requires fewer pesticides that are bad for golfers and the environment. The Thanh Lanh golf course is truly a masterpiece for a one-in-a-lifetime golf experience.

Don't miss the fantastic experience at these best golf courses in Hanoi if you have the chance to travel to the northern region of Vietnam. Spending a golf vacation with your family or friends on a professional golf course promises to be a special experience. For more information about Hanoi golf courses, please visit